The event was attended by over 40 speakers and delegates from various Ministries, research institutes, businesses, and media channels (attending in person) of Viet Nam, as well as nearly 15 delegates from the DCAF and partners (attending virtually).

Roundtable Discussion on Artificial Intelligence Governance

Delegates attending the event (Photo: Ngan Do)

The event was an opportunity for participants to discuss the European approach towards artificial intelligence (AI) and the current development of AI in Southeast Asia/Viet Nam, thereupon drawing lessons on how to best manage this technology.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Lam, Assistant Chief de Cabinet, Viet Nam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in his opening remarks, emphasized that the discussions were not only valuable to economic and development sectors but also meaningful to Viet Nam’s diplomatic engagements. Dr. Albrecht Schnabel, Head of Asia - Pacific unit at the DCAF, shared the same perspective, highlighting DCAF’s goal of promoting cooperation with partners in the Pacific.

Roundtable Discussion on Artificial Intelligence Governance

Dr. Nguyen Viet Lam chairing Session 2 (Photo: Ngan Do)

During the first session, the speakers presented several AI governance models in Europe, including the recently-enacted EU AI Act of 2024. The experts also drew comparisons between the AI governance frameworks of the EU and the United Kingdom.

In the second session, the experts analyzed the ASEAN Guide on AI Governance and Ethics released in 2024, emphasizing the importance of this document in pioneering regional AI standards. Delegates also dug deep into the opportunities and challenges in governing AI in Viet Nam from the perspectives of both governmental and commercial sectors, while advocating for strengthening public-private cooperation in Viet Nam and drawing lessons from countries with more advanced AI frameworks, such as China, India, the EU, Japan, and South Korea.

Roundtable Discussion on Artificial Intelligence Governance

Speakers attending the roundtable discussion virtually (Photo: Ngan Do)

Concluding the event, representatives from the DAV and DCAF expressed gratitude for the interest, support, and active participation of both in-person and online delegates. The organizers hoped that the candid exchanges of opinions and practical recommendations made during the roundtable discussion will contribute to enhancing awareness of AI among academics and practitioners in and outside of Viet Nam.

Ngan Do