-(ABS-CBN 8/11) Duterte: China has to clarify its intentions in South China Sea: He said the Philippines and its fellow members in the ASEAN will have to eventually confront China on the bitter sea dispute.

-(Foreign Affairs 7/11) What China Wants From Trump: Why Beijing Will Avoid Real Compromise on Trade and North Korea.

-(Reuters 7/11) Philippines starts construction near China's manmade islands in disputed waters: A contractor was building a beach ramp on Thitu Island.

-(Asia Sentinel 7/11) South China Sea Needs Science Diplomacy Policy: Science initiatives are more widely accepted as efforts to solve global issues that require contributions from all players.

-(CIMSEC 6/11) The U. S. Coast Guard in the South China Sea: Strategy or folly? A comprehensive risk analysis should be undertaken and the mission should be considered a “go” only if the benefits heavily outweigh the costs.

-(National Interest 5/11) Why the Indian Ocean Must Not Become Like the SCS: The maritime domain has been marked as the latest theater of war, and so a code of conduct is needed.

-(The Washington Post 5/11) A more hawkish Trump approach to China is coming soon: Trump’s time in Beijing will be a smile-fest, but that will be his least important stop among the five countries he visits.


-(SCMP 4/11) Launch of Beijing’s new dredger may spark concerns of renewed island building in SCS: Testing of Tian Kun Hao could upset Beijing’s neighbours, but Chinese analyst says vessel will not be used to boost China’s claims in disputed waters.

-(The American Interest 4/11) The Indo-Pacific: What’s in a Name? What statesmen come to call various regions of the world predisposes them to adopt certain strategic concepts over others.