-(War on the Rocks 29/8) Countering Chinese coercion: The case of Doklam: When China confronts a significantly weaker target, such as Bhutan, it will only be deterred by the actions of a stronger third party.

-(RSIS 29/8) Beijing’s Challenge to ASEAN and UNCLOS and the Necessity of a New Multi-tiered Approach, ranging from investments in capacity building to the provision of coastguards to police and protect resources within the EEZ of claimant states.

-(Reuters 28/8) China to Build Methane Hydrate Venture in South China Sea, to make use of “flammable ice” found in the Shenhu areas, after initial tests proved their utility in May.

alt-(National Interest 27/8) How China Plans to Win a War in the South China Sea: Rather than revert to pure people’s war on the Maoist pattern, PLA commanders could pursue a mix of small- and big-unit engagements against the U.S.-led coalition.

-(Defense One 25/8) Beijing’s Latest Moves in the South China Sea Spark Fears of a New Land Grab: Alarm bells sounded when Chinese ships recently gathered at Sandy Cay, a set of sandbars close to Thitu Island.