-(National Interest 27/6) Japan's Delicate Balancing Act in the SCS: Tokyo knows that any acceleration of its moves in the SCS will likely be reciprocated by Beijing’s tightening of the screws in the ECS.

-(Strait Times 27/6) Consider dedicated SCS commission to settle disputes: A 15-member commission with a mandate to facilitate mediation, conciliation and ultimately arbitration of the disputes would provide both an informal and formal third-party mechanism capable of dealing with the disputes

-(Forbes 26/6) South China Sea: Modi, not Duterte, is China's problem as the country can amass enough support to spoil Beijing’s’ South China Sea and Indian Ocean ambitions.

-(ABS-CBN News 25/6) PH, Vietnam navies play sports on South China Sea island, the latest get-together by two countries.

-(Sputnik News 24/6) China reiterates warning to India not to meddle in South China Sea, just a few days ahead of the Modi-Trump meeting in the US.

alt-(Reuters 23/6) Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China: Asian military guests on board to witness helicopters looping over the tropical waters and gunners blasting target buoys.