-(The Nation 28/2) Silence in SCS: Why is Asean so afraid of Beijing? One reason for this toothlessness is that any statement issued by Asean must be agreed to in full

-(Lawfareblog 28/2) The British are Coming to the South China Sea, and It's About Time: More FONOPs conducted by more nations will globalize the dispute beyond U.S.-China relations.

-(Atimes 27/2) Trump urges Turnbull to flex more muscle: But Australia remains torn between joining America's new Cold War or playing the role of regional moderator.

-(Vietnamplus 27/2) US naval ships to visit Vietnam from March 5 to 9, the group comprises of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, the guided missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain and the destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer.


-(News.com.au 27/2) The Australian Navy may be preparing for a direct venture into the SCS: When Malcolm Turnbull met Donald Trump, China was a big talking point.

-(ABS-News 27/2) PLP Palace asked to summon Beijing’s envoy over China’s continued militarization of artificial islands and encroachment in the SCS.