-(The Diplomat 28/9) Malaysia to Get New China Security Equipment: Agreement in principle reached in the context of growing bilateral defense ties.

-(Forbes 28/9) A new Chinese drone could help Beijing assert its Claims in the SCS: The Chinese amphibious drone’s advertised specifications would help with mapping and environmental surveys.

-(Sputnik News 28/9) Combustible ice discovered in SCS, for the first time during an expedition to the region.

-(CNN 27/9) Top US general: China will be 'greatest threat' to US by 2025: China is focused on limiting US ability to project power and weakening US alliances in the Pacific.

-(Strait Times 25/9) Chinese ships sail near disputed islands with Japan in second such incident in a week: The four ships entered the waters surrounding the island chain and were moving in a south-west direction.

-(PhilStar 25/9) 2 Vietnamese dead, 5 arrested in chase with Philippine navy as they were spotted fishing off the northwestern Philippines.

alt-(AP 25/9) Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

-(Vietnamnews 24/9) ASEAN representatives endorse VN South China Sea code proposal to issue an official statement on the start of negotiations over a Code of Conduct for the SCS at the ASEAN-China Summit in November.