-(Washington Post 25/10) Xi Jinping just made it clear where China’s foreign policy is headed: A China more focused on great power status, more active in global governance, more triumphant about its political model and more assertive throughout Asia. –(CNN 25/10) What an all-powerful Xi Jinping means for the rest of the world

-(National Interes 25/10) Trump’s Asian security dilemma: There are many things that the United States could do to bolster regional security in Asia. Trump's upcoming trip to the region is an opportunity to put some of these ideas into action.

-(The Washington Post 24/10) Trump to skip key Asia summit in Philippines to go home earlier: It’s a bad signal to send to the region, and it could undermine the overall goal of his Asia tour by calling American regional leadership into question.

-(Inquirer 23/10) Terrorism, SCS row high on agenda of ASEAN regional security forum: The JC reaffirmed “the importance of maintaining and promoting peace, security, stability, saftey and freedom of navigation in and over-flight above the SCS.”

-(AP 23/10) Recent developments surrounding the SCS

alt-(SCMP 21/10) China’s South Sea Fleet gets new unit as military looks to boost its presence in disputed waters: Submarine rescue unit established to support broader range of operations.

-(Antara News 22/10) Indonesia, Singapore should encourage conflicting parties to solve South China Sea dispute: The two countries can take the initiative to bring the conflicting parties to negotiations.