-(Forbes 3/10) SCS: Can America And China Share Leadership? Henry Kissinger had good advice to America and China regarding the SCS: learn how to "co-evolve," share leadership, that is.

-(SCMP 1/10) China, Vietnam look to warm ties ahead of Apec summit, but is it all part of Hanoi’s balancing act? Despite recent promises to boost trust, cooperation, relations between the two are still far from settled.

-(Bloomberg 30/9) Tillerson masters the art of comity in talks with China leaders, skipping over tensions around trade and North Korea to emphasize the personal bond between the countries’ presidents.

alt-(East Asia Forum 30/9) Are minilaterals the future of ASEAN security? If minilateralism demonstrates that it can work effectively, then ASEAN should use it to push for broader regional security cooperation mechanisms.