-(Sky News 19/7) Bishop criticises South China Sea operations: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia continues to oppose the construction of artificial reefs and the militarisation in the South China Sea during her visit to India.

-(CSIS 19/7) Seventh Annual CSIS South China Sea Conference. -(USNI 19/7) Experts Wary White House Could Trade Beijing South China Sea Concessions for Help With North Korea

-(Maritime Issues 17/7) The SCS one year after Arbitral Award: The calm before the storm? Although the SCS award has brought much clarity to the scope of the disputes and opened possibilities for peaceful dispute management, the situation in the South China Sea in the past year tends to tell a different story.

-(Japan Times 16/7) One year after the South China Sea ruling, a deceiving calm: Beijing is now, by and large, calling the shots in the area under dispute.

-(The NewsLens 16/7) Vietnam Wants India to Help in the South China Sea: During a visit by India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vietnam named India a comprehensive strategic partner, elevating it to the highest echelon of cooperation.

-(SCMP 16/7) Though now little more than scrap of paper, South China Sea ruling has gone down in history: Governments of the future can always refer to the fact China was found in violation of its UN commitments.


-(National Interest 16/7) Will America Challenge China's Sweeping Sovereignty Claims? Experts are second-guessing the dangers associated with freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea.

-(Channel NewsAsia 14/7) Asserting sovereignty, Indonesia renames part of South China Sea: The northern reaches of its exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea was renamed as the North Natuna Sea. –(CNN 15/7) Beijing criticizes Indonesia renaming part of South China Sea