-(The Diplomat 16/6) Is the Focus on FONOPs Muddying Strategic Discourse on the South China Sea? It is proving extremely difficult for Washington to convince Beijing of its seriousness in the South China Sea.

-(Inquirer 15/6) Vietnam urges China to act responsibly in South China Sea, following a Pentagon report that highlighted Beijing military’s buildup in the strategic waters.

-(Foreign Affairs 13/6) Course Correction: How to Stop China's Maritime Advance: The US should supplement diplomacy with deterrence by warning China that if the aggression continues, the US will abandon its neutrality and help countries in the region.

-(The Diplomat 13/6) After Joint Military Exercise in South China Sea, US Warship Visits  China: A U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer arrived in Zhanjiang, China for a scheduled port visit on June 12.

alt-(Real Clear Defense 13/6) Outflank China in the South China Sea: Operationalizing information in the South China Sea—whether for maritime awareness or targeting purposes—will be necessary to outflank China’s designs on the region.

-(The Diplomat 12/6) Australia's 60-Year-Old South China Sea Prophecy Comes True: Archival documents show that Australia’s position on the South China Sea disputes has been consistent since the 1950s.