-(SCMP 12/7) South China Sea forecast a year after court ruling: Philippine president’s pivot to Beijing has changed game but tensions linger among seven claimants

-(Reuters 12/7) Drilling for oil in disputed sea may resume this year: Philippine official: ‘The government prepares to offer new blocks to investors in bidding in December.’

-(Pna 12/7) Envoy defends PH's two-track approach in South China Sea issue: ‘The basic approach now is don’t let the dispute be an obstacle to developing the non-contentious issues’

-(Abs-cbn 10/7) South China Sea ruling may become 'irrelevant' - maritime expert: Atty. Jay Batongbacal said that Philippines should raise the issue while it still can.

-(Sputnik news 10/7) Beijing Crushes World Record for Combustible Ice Pulled From South China Sea: China has extracted more than 300,000 cubic meters of combustible ice from the SCS in 60 days.

-(East asia forum 10/7) Japan opens the way to cooperation on China’s Belt and Road Initiative: The China–Japan relationship is the most important relationship in Asia. It also has a troubled history.

alt-(Abs-cbn 10/7) US carrier group leads biggest yet drills with India and Japan: Malabar 2017 is the largest exercise since India and the United States launched in 1992.

-(The Diplomat 10/7) US B-1B Bombers Fly Over South China Sea, Drawing Chinese Protest: The latest B-1B Lancer flyover of the South China Sea echoes a similar operation in May.

-(National interest 9/7) Three PLAN Officers May Have Just Revealed What China Wants in the SCS: Chinese strategy in the SCS is expansionary in aim, incremental by design and realist in orientation.